The Lesser Ones©

lesseronescover, February 20, 2017
Not long after ‘Lesser One’ Charlie Phillips lost her parents, her older sister Anna ran away, leaving Charlie to raise younger brother William, fortunately with the help of her kind but smart-mouthed best friend Ramsey Butler, who lived next door.

Five years have now passed and Charlie has worked hard to become a well-known columnist in town. But Dash Howell returns to marry Sara Salinger, and memories of the ‘Greater One’ who broke Charlie’s heart come storming back—enough to cause her to drown her sorrows in wine…while driving.

Charlie hopes to keep her car accident from Dash and to keep Dash from Lex Vanderford, the hot new lawyer in town who works for Sara’s father.  But Charlie’s court-ordered therapist/high school nemesis Stacy Nelson is dredging up old problems, including the unknown whereabouts of Anna.

Anna’s disappearance isn’t the only problem rising to the surface. As readers of Myles of Mississippi remember, Clarkston is a town full of deep soil and shallow secrets.