Myles of Mississippi ©

Myles of Mississippi©
Available in Print and E-Book through Amazon.Com
February 2016


Book and cover design by Diane V. Mulligan,
Images used with permission via Shutterstock.
Front cover image credit: Stock Photo / Elegant Bridal Bouquet of White Callas / Image ID: 95470774

You are cordially invited to the nuptials of Myles Malatesta and Porter Montgomery, whose wedding promises to be the social event of the decade in the dusty, little Mississippi Delta town of Clarkston.

The whole gang is together again for the occasion—Myles and her twin brother Macintosh, her best friend Reese, and Castle, the guy she thought was the love of her life. Growing up, they were called the Fearless Four, but they scattered after one tragic night senior year. Now they’re back, all grown up and ready to celebrate…or maybe to rehash old arguments.

A lot has changed in the years they’ve been away, but some things never change, like the fact that secrets swept under the proverbial Southern rug tend to wiggle their way out eventually.


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