My Gifts


Bubba:  Our firstborn. This kid was the greatest thing that ever happened to me—he saved my life. He’s a writer like mom. He’s also super-smart and a loyal friend. Just started driving and can’t find his keys or socks half the time, but we’re working on all of the above.


Ry:   My future BFF (right now we’re frenemies.) She plays the heck out of her guitar, has taken up piano, and helps hold the Overby casa down when life gets a little crazy. She’s kind, but a touch salty, like her mama, and has been known to make me laugh so hard I snort. Call me biased, but this gal is beautiful inside and out.


Bear:   Most people who aren’t into making life complicated have a boy and girl and decide they’re good. Clayford and I decided, Why not do this all over again? We haven’t regretted that decision. Bear has a tiny obsession with baseball, golf and the clothing website H&M. We’re not sure if his destiny is sports or fashion, but whatever it is will be decided by him and only him. You’ve never seen a kid so headstrong.


Nims:   My father calls Nims the liberal of our family—she wants everything to be fair and everyone to be equal. She’s a champion for the underdog and doesn’t let Bear smoosh fireflies because, “They never did nuffin’ to nobody.” A lover of books like her mama and the joy of my life.


Bigs, Sway (and Mollie, not pictured):   We’ve had Mollie the Border Collie for eleven years and I swore I’d never get another dog once she died. But somehow in the last year we became weird dog people, and now I’m head over heels in love with these sugar booger beagle mixes. They bring me so much happiness…when they’re not chewing up my Uggs.

*Professional portraits by Michael Thompson of Oxford.