one of my four gifts

I’m an Alabama-born, Louisiana-lived, and Mississippi-raised-and-settled gal. Obviously, the Deep South courses through my veins like the Mighty Mississippi.

I graduated Ole Miss with an English degree and thought it would be fun to write.

It’s not. I do it anyway.

I’m spiritual but far from a Good Christian Belle. This wild child has a love of Christ built solely on a selfish craving for forgiveness.

My deepest desires as a young girl were to be a mother and raise a family in a Southern porch-holding home with a dog and a church to go to on Sunday. Not much has changed in the dream department, although I’ve widened my ambitions just a little.

I’ve published a couple of books on Amazon. Check them out.

My blog is a place of zero judgment, zero for sures, and zero hate.

I have my own opinions and you have yours, but my deference will always go back to LOVE. 🙂